Technical Seminar – Tuesday Sept 17 at 10am: Prof. Narayanan Komerath presents Evolving Priorities for Vertical Lift: A University View

Evolving Priorities for Vertical Lift: A University View

By Prof. Narayanan Komerath
Georgia Institute of Technology

The presenter considers his experience of planning and guiding university research since 1982. From the effect of the Attack Helicopter on the Cold War MAD equation, to disaster response, mountain operations and planetary exploration, vertical lift systems have posed unique opportunities and capabilities. He will reflect on how these historical and current news items translated to university research.

Four application opportunities are in present view:

  1. Options to skip over traffic congestion.
  2. UAV swarms as combat aircraft.
  3. Rural delivery, facilitating a reversal of urban migration.
  4. Ultralight rotorcraft and their potential in exploration, communications and in countering sea level rise and climate change.

(If you have any doubts that we have been saving and will continue to save the world, this should end those!)

Narayanan Komerath holds a B.Tech in aeronautical engineering (IIT Madras), MSAE in aerospace propulsion and PhD in AE (turbulent combustion), both from Georgia Tech. He has worked for 37 years at the School of AE at Georgia Tech. He has been a part of what is now the Army/NASA/Navy/FAA Vertical Lift Rotorcraft Center of Excellence, among other projects, since 1982. Since 1990 he has directed operations at the John J. Harper wind tunnel.

Tuesday, September 17, 10:00 a.m.
NASA Ames Research Center, Bldg N258, Room 127

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