Franklin Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Powered-Lift Field

(formerly named “Outstanding VTOL Research” award)

Given to an individual or group for significant contribution to powered-lift technology (other than helicopters).

Franklin Award Recipients

  • 2023: Side by Side 7×10 Wind Tunnel Urban Air Mobility Team
  • 2022: UAM Quadcopter Handling Qualities VMS Test Team (Carlos Malpica)
  • 2021: NFAC Aerodynamic & Acoustic Rotoprop Test Team (Joe Sacco and Natasha Schatzman)
  • 2020: NASA/Army Multirotor Testbed Wind Tunnel Test Team (Carl Russell)
  • 2019: The 699/Tiltrotor Test Rig Test Team
  • 2018: Larry Young
  • 2017: Ben Lawrence
  • 2016: Multicopter UAS Wind Tunnel Test Team (Carl Russell, Jaewoo Jung, Gina Willink, Brett Glasner, Nili Gold, Steve Nance, Bruce Gesek, Bill Peneff, and Brian Chan)
  • 2015:
  • 2014: Army Advanced Design Office (Bruce Tenney, Mike Scully, Gerardo Nunez, Alex Moodie, Jeff Sinsay, Chris Silva, Robert Scott, Ernie Keen, Scott McMichael, Andrew Gallaher, Mac Dinning and Wayne Johnson)
  • 2013: High Efficiency Tilt Rotor/Large Civil Tilt Rotor (HETR/LCTR) Wind Tunnel Test Team (Jeff Sinsay, Nili Gold, Ashley Pete, Alexander Amy, Gina Willink, and Colin Theodore)
  • 2012: Kristina Jameson, Robert Fong, Craig Hange
  • 2011: Carlos Malpica
  • 2010: Wayne Johnson
  • 2009: Chris Blanken and Bill Decker
  • 2008: UH-60 LRTA/NFAC Check-out Test Team, led by Mark Betzina (USAF AEDC), Patrick Shinoda (Army AFDD), Thomas Norman (NASA) and Jeffrey Johnson (Jacobs Technology)
  • 2007: Cecil W. Acree
  • 2006:
  • 2004/2005: Larry Young
  • 2003:
  • 2002: William S. Hindson
  • 2001: James A. Franklin
  • 2000: no award given (formerly named “Outstanding VTOL Research” award)
  • 1999: no award given
  • 1998: no award given
  • 1997: no award given
  • 1996: James A. Franklin
  • 1995: John Foster, Ernesto Moralez III, Delamar Watson, Gordon Hardy
  • 1994: James A. Franklin, Walter E. McNeill, William W.Y. Chung
  • 1993: Larry Birckelbaw