The purpose of VFS International is to engage in educational and scientific activities that advance the theory and practices of the science of vertical flight aircraft. The VFS SFBAC seeks to support this by promoting vertical flight technology within its geographic area through:

  • Sponsor events to provide the local members with an opportunity to listen to speakers on a variety of topics in the field of vertical flight and to meet and interact with fellow VFS members.
  • Join together members of diverse backgrounds, including engineers, pilots, technicians, educators, students, and operators who all have a common interest in rotorcraft and V/STOL technology.
  • Provide the Lichten technical paper competition as a means for younger members to gain experience and visibility in the field.
  • Provide an Awards Program to recognize local members for their achievements in the field of vertical flight.

You can become a member at https://ahs.portal.membersuite.com.